Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ode to A Lady

Oh! What is that I see?
Oh! What is a man coward if not one who dares not his love to admit?
And what love shall this be?
What story?
Of seduction, of passion, of vile and treachery, of deception
Or of hidden secrets and secret desires ones that never saw the light of day, which never felt the breeze of air, which failed to be spoken of, which have always resided in the depths of hearts?

Oh! Hear me my beauty; hear me my Queen for it is I that speak
It is my heart’s desire to admit.
It is a story I want to tell to you, so that in the end of days your heart and mine might always, as well travel together.
For it is not a lie, but nor is it truth
It is my mind’s words, driven by my heart’s desires in a mad man’s world…
Oh! Hear me; Hear me my spring, my eternal youth

Hear me not for pity or curiosity
Hear me not for nothing better
But hear me for that’s what thou wilt
Otherwise tear these words out of my heart, tear these emotions out of my frail body
Dump them my lady into the sea beyond the seas
Abandon them in a cold river on a rainy winter day
And think not for a moment that I am drunk
Because drunk I am not, not from the spirits that haunt a youth’s nights that is
But I am drunk, drunk from my emotions, from my body’s lust, from my mind’s blur

But if you do want to hear my lady, Oh! My fair Lady then listen to what I have to say and judge me later

For I have nurtured your image in my mind, in my innermost thoughts, from the first moment I laid my eyes on you
Oh! My lady, my memory still remembers and cherishes your first smile, your first look, your first appreciation
And where should I start my description, what should I remember first?
Your hair black as a night’s spell or your eyes’ same color as the black depths of the sea?
Your figure’s air and gracious movement or your body’s lustful breeze?
Shall I remember your smile that lit your eyes and made your body tremble?
Shall I remember your hands, soft and caring as a mother’s gesture to her infant child?

Oh! My fair lady, though fair thou art not
What beauty has the almighty sun graced you with?
What colors that your skin embraces, how soft can your touch be?
For among everyone, I remember You!
The first time I saw You!
I remember your whit, your brilliance, your courage
How one can be filled with God’s grace?
Is it You my darling, is it You?

What music plays when you walk by, what music your voice creates?
Violins and pianos, guitars and trumpets, shall sing your coming?
You shall be greeted by a thousand birds and a thousand rose petals will show the way you walk upon
What great lights accompany you and create an apparition like nothing else
Oh! My blinded, from thou beauty, eyes, can only sense your coming
But no sense is enough to satisfy my hunger for you
No emotion can fill my heart, no presence

And what feelings are these?
What crazy thoughts?
From a heart that will not obey, from a mind that will not loose hope?
Alas I know your heart is promised elsewhere!
Alas I know my princess I am not the prince you were waiting…
Oh! Horrible fate, Oh! God’s will
If not for my frail body, if not for my even frailer heart and lost mind
I might have stood a chance
I might have wore a shinning armor just for you my Queen
Just for you!

And what can a man do to offer you happiness?
I know not!
But Oh! My Queen I would bring the stars to your feet,
I would wreck the earth to bring you anything that you desire,
I would travel to four corners of the world to bring you the most beautiful jewels my Queen
And though no jewel be compared to your beauty,
You my Queen would be a star among stars,
Your own light, your presence would reflect upon the jewels forged in the depths of the earth and your shine transmitted to ends of the world!
Oh! My princess I bow before thy
I offer you my heart; A holly sacrifice
For I can not offer lions or great beasts, nor can I battle armies to prove my bravery
But this, my Queen I can offer; my heart, my soul altogether to make you happy!
For a glimpse of your shine my love would make me the happiest man alive

Oh! Tragic moment of the end
Oh! Tragic loss of existence
Oh! Fight For I want to know you better than anything
For I want to communicate with you so hard
Oh! God grant me Thy will
Let me know her like Adam knew Eve

But alas! A lot the miseries of man
A lot the lost labors of love
For failure is better than the fear of it
For fear rules my life
For my eyes have long lost the sight of Your hope
For all I can do is look at You from a distance
Hiding in the shadows
In the soul

Oh! Moment of happiness in front of my eyes
You shall pass
Oh! Delirium of joy when I see you
Oh! What a man’s drunken tales when I touch You
Oh! What hunger does your sight satisfy?

Alas! Alas! Alas!
I have to fly, my beauty of a thousand worlds!
But know that I will always be hiding in the shadows!
Know that I will always be watching over You!
And no matter what, no matter happens, even if eons walk our path, even if all the world looses faith in you
I! I shall always be there, a loyal friend, a humble servant
I will always believe in you like Argus of Ulysses

Farewell my Queen, farewell my love, I leave you now to hide once more
I leave you now alone to seek your happiness away from me
I shall always remember You
I shall always cherish you in my weak heart, in my frail body, in my clouded mind…

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