Friday, April 07, 2006

My Little Red Riding Stick


To thou red riding stick this poem I devote

Oh! You so red and long

Oh! You so hard and long

Oh! You so sweet and pounding

Oh! You so hot and inviting

Oh! You my only companion

Oh! You my joy of nights

Oh! You my joy in days far and far boring

Oh! You my only escape

Oh! You my only friend

Come Oh! You, my red riding stick

Come and show me the way

Come and take me away

Come and fire me a straight

Oh! Red riding stick

How much I enjoy riding you

And You me...

Let me ride you my riding stick

Let me for one last time feel your surface caressing my thighs

Oh! You my riding stick how red and hard you can be.....

Oh! You a stick for holes

Oh! You when I in the hole put

Oh! What is that I am feeling?

Like tons of data and information flowing through my body

And I cry out more and more and more......

Oh! You soft and sweet

Oh! That you become even softer and sweeter when I in my mouth you put

Oh! My, my, what a sensation what a feel

Oh! How I like to use my tongue to thoroughly investigate you

Up down I lick you

Up down......

Ride Your Sticks!

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