Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Renaissance Discovery of Time

The painting is Ideal
Ideal is time
Time is existence
Like Botticelli’s Spring
My time and Yours
Flowing, continuous, perplexed
But also simple and beautiful

Are we an Ideal?
Living in time
Discovering our Ideal
Painting our Spring

If we were
Which Museum would house us?


Hfaistiwnas said...

Κανένα μουσείο, ποιό μουσείο μπορεί να δεχτεί τόση ομορφιά;
Ζωγραφίστε.. Δημιουργήστε..

Covenant said...

Les e? Krimas kai perimena na dw ti fatsa mou stous toixous kanenous mouseiou... :)

Hfaistiwnas said...

Ίσως, ανάλογα την ομορφιά σου ;)

Covenant said...

Auta einai!!! Ego Booster 150%!!!