Friday, April 07, 2006


Falling Asleep

Dream that crawls upon me in the night,
I call upon thy to tell your story
To recite your deeds
To state your needs

First Scene: The Darkness

Oh! Darkness of the endeavour
Life's opposite Death not!
Love's opposite hate not!

Heart of mind
Mind of heart
Body and soul
My psyche aches because her pain leaves me not.

Oh! You soul of misery!
Oh! You body of obesity!
Where are thou brain?
Where are thou heart?
Where art thou?

Oh! Vastness of darkness
Oh! Darkness of solitude
The life that calls
The pain that answers

Oh! Night
Night when the soul falls into the darkness
Darkness vast and thick
Look at the stars!
Grab on them and be saved
Count them and die!

The end is near
Near is the end, a new beginning, a new dawn...

Second Scene: The Woman

Oh! Luscious curves that the darkness you win
Oh! Seductive curves that on you I demand my reigns
Oh! Naked curves that peace you bring
Peace in the eye, Peace in the mind, Peace in the soul
Hermes of Praxiteles, a woman.

Third scene: The Veins

Veins of Blood
Blood; The giving of life
Life the answer
Veins of ambrosia
Ambrosia the food of Gods
Immortality is the search
Veins of pus
Pus the death of hostiles
Destruction is the result
Veins of light
Light; The birth of man
Love is the endless circle

Scene Fourth: The Sacrifice

I want to tear up my heart cut it in pieces and give it away
Each piece will carry a part of me and my soul
This way wherever You go I will be with You

Feel my pain
Feel my body aching
Feel the depth of my sorrow
Feel my misery
Feel the deepest of my love
Come; Set me free!
Kill me!

Scene Fifth: The Desperation

Oh! Body of my dreams
Grant me my wish
Grant me a naked night
Love me with passion
Despise me with hate
Make love to me to the end of the world
Throw me away as garbage
Kiss me, Kiss me
Spit on me, Spit on me, molest me
I shall get what I deserve but never You!

Scene Sixth: The Substitute

Oh! Fake passion of misery
False love of boredom
Termite wood you are and you shall be consumed
I shall not let you proceed
I shall not let you pass

Scene Seventh: The enlightenment

Oh! My burdened soul
Prisoner of another world
A past that never existed
Only in Your mind, my heart
Only in Your mind
Cry! Cry!
Free yourself
Cut the bounds, if You can!
Oh! You distressed heart why to seek redemption?
Oh! You filthy beast of the past why do not stay locked in Your cage?
What is Your purpose?
Why do you haunt my soul?
Why do you haunt me?

Waking Up

The Dream is over!
You are alive
You shall live on!
Fear not, in the end You will not die alone!
I shall not allow this!



My Little Red Riding Stick


To thou red riding stick this poem I devote

Oh! You so red and long

Oh! You so hard and long

Oh! You so sweet and pounding

Oh! You so hot and inviting

Oh! You my only companion

Oh! You my joy of nights

Oh! You my joy in days far and far boring

Oh! You my only escape

Oh! You my only friend

Come Oh! You, my red riding stick

Come and show me the way

Come and take me away

Come and fire me a straight

Oh! Red riding stick

How much I enjoy riding you

And You me...

Let me ride you my riding stick

Let me for one last time feel your surface caressing my thighs

Oh! You my riding stick how red and hard you can be.....

Oh! You a stick for holes

Oh! You when I in the hole put

Oh! What is that I am feeling?

Like tons of data and information flowing through my body

And I cry out more and more and more......

Oh! You soft and sweet

Oh! That you become even softer and sweeter when I in my mouth you put

Oh! My, my, what a sensation what a feel

Oh! How I like to use my tongue to thoroughly investigate you

Up down I lick you

Up down......

Ride Your Sticks!