Saturday, June 24, 2006


The Hands unite in a holy Union
The passion burns the bodies
The friendship is melted into a lava of love
Marriage: the Holly Union!

“Will You marry me” the man asked…
“Yes” the woman answered. With all my body, with all my soul I shall commit to You my love!!!

In the holly union, the man and the woman dance the Dance of the Gods!
The spirits, raised by the pouring spirit, fire; life
Life is fire; Fire is life, the ultimate steam!

“Kiss me”, the man said, “Kiss me under the Gee” “For a kiss under the Gee lasts for ever” “Kiss me!”
The woman slowly reached his lips…
The eternal couples show our desire….
Our time is enhanced…Desire that centuries have grown… Desire that has flown away…

Oh! Joy! Oh! Happiness!
Oh! Exhilaration of the virgin mother
Oh! Virgin Mary of my love!
Is the bible full of love or am I a fool?

Cherish the birth of these emotions
Cherish the death of them
Hades is near

Oh! Eternal Father. Oh! Birth of Souls!
Oh! Sacred Mystery. Oh! Sacred Touch!
I beseech You…

Oh! Loneliness of love. Oh! End of the beginning.
Oh! Dawn of the Sun. Oh! Dawn of the Moon.
The Sun is setting in the sweet Suites of our companions.
With it sets the Sun of our Love.

The abstract painting shows the art of our companions.
The art of our companions is shown in the abstract.


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