Monday, June 23, 2008

Μάτια, αστέρια και εξ’ αίφνης να σου ο ουρανός …

Έρμαιο, στα χείλη σου,
για ένα φιλί
Έρμαιο στα χεριά σου,
Για ένα άγγιγμα
Έρμαιο στα στήθη σου,
για ένα γα-lactisma*
Γδύσου Γυναικά δείξε μου,
Τα καλή σου
Γδύσου Γυναικά δείξε μου
Τη γύμνια σου


(* lactation: 1668, "process of suckling an infant," from Fr. lactation, from L. lactationem (nom. lactatio) "a suckling," from L. lactatus, pp. of lactare "suckle," from lac (gen. lactis) "milk," from PIE base *glact- (cf. Gk. gala, gen. galaktos "milk"). Meaning "process of secreting milk from the breasts" first recorded 1857; lactate (v.) in this sense is a back-formation from 1889. Lactic acid is from 1790; so called because it was obtained from sour milk. M.Ir. lacht, Welsh llaeth "milk" are loan words from Latin, Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper)

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