Friday, June 26, 2009

A glimpse of the future past or retrospective visions

Black stand the sands of time.
Shallow stand the waters of the sea.

Forsaken lands and the hope of dreams brought them together.
The end of dreams and the harsh reality will bring them apart, just around the corner.

Cometh and goeth the waters.
Archaic form of the never ending change, these waters hold the key.

Forgetfulness is not the issue but living is.
Through the vagaries of time and the fights within and without,
thus shall life find new paths to tread upon.

The waters move and so does the earth beneath them, with them.
Turbulent as they might be and deep beyond reckoning,
they shall always be there to provide us the layaway.

Emotions of the past uncovered in this present or that future,
shall be the companions of a lifetime as long as they remain carefully sealed behind the mind's doors.
And be that they escape, be grateful,
for they show who you really are and what carry you with you.

Step on the water with the fear of God and the love of man,
and walk on them as an angel sent to carry a message.
For the watery ways shall always provide you with a safe passage to the strange lands of glory,
even if it is fire, wind and earth that you carry.

Bonds forged in a tense time full of passion and relative innocence,
even though it seemed forging them took time, moths or even years,
they shall be destroyed in a mere moment, random or conscient.

And as the waters bring you forth every time,
so will the tide take you back.
And as you came into life so shall you un - come.

Black stand the sands of time, but walk them and they shall turn to gold.
Shallow stand the waters of the sea, but decide to cross them and you shall see they're deeper than they look.


Hfaistiwnas said...

Η σκόνη του χρόνου, ακριβώς.. χρυσώνει, και τα βάζει στις προθήκες της μνήμης.. να υπάρχουν μην τυχόν τα χρειαστούμε, σίγουρα κάποια στιγμή..

Covenant said...

Etsi akrivws...Kapoia Stigmi...