Friday, June 26, 2009

Reincarnation or the memories of a life past.

The dog put his head out of the window of the moving car. Aaaaa. The weather was hot, more than it should. The air of the moving car made him feel nice. He felt the air going through his hair and his nose got to cool off. He liked it... The way the hot air was caressing his hair because of the car's speed that... He liked it. Next step the tongue out. Aaaa... This was the epitome of happiness. Cool tongue. He flapped his tongue in and out and felt a giant amount of joy that he expressed by barking thank you to the gentle wind that embraced the car. His mind wandered off. He thought of the party last night. He liked his Master's parties, there was always someone that would care enough for him and play with him for some time. He kind of missed playing. He was already 5 years old and in human years that meant he had already reached 35. Aaa, he thought life runs faster than me and put his head back in the car and sat down in the back seat resting his head on the lap of little Mistress. He came to think about his life. People tend to think that anything besides the human life is simple and uncomplicated. How wrong they were.

But that was not what was troubling him. Lately he had these flashes, something like intense memory flashes. He remembered a human life. He wondered how it could be possible to remember a life before the one that you are living now and especially one of a different species. He remembered once he'd heard his Master talking about the meaning of reincarnation and how people who have done bad things in their life come back in the form of an animal or a tree. So he wondered whether he had done actually something so bad so God decided to send him back as a dog to teach him a few things or if this was just a great joke played by God. Maybe some clerical error in God's administrative services sent him back in such a dog body.

He didn't think about it a lot and suddenly he felt a scratch on his back. So he rolled over with his feet in the air trying to scratch his back on the seat, but the little Mistress thought he wanted to play and scold him. Thank God he'd already scratched his back. So there he was thinking of his older life again. He remembered himself as what the humans call a man. He did not remember much details of this life certainly he could not remember names and places. All he had where these flashes that came and went.

Pictures of a life he couldn't but ask himself whether it was true or invented. Memories some times seem to be subjective. A subjective, self-referenced narration of acts that, you and others did. And besides that, the fact that everyone used different words to describe the same things could even more worsen the ability of anyone to recall a memory in "objective" terms. He wondered whether the other dogs smelled different things the same way he did.

He was tormented by the same flashes though, for quite some time now and he could not but think about them especially when he sat leisurely in someone's lap, like now. The flashes were intense, they came and went in their own will and he could not really make sense of their order or something. He saw the man walking to the beach, working, making love, partying. He saw him in various instances through the course of the man's life. Normally he wouldn't feel worried but his dog senses felt alarmed every day he had one of those flashes and in the past few times his senses went pretty much crazy. However he was a dog after all and during such trips he used to dose off in the lap of Little Mistress. So he opened his mouth and yawned; turned a bit and tried to dose off upon the tender lap.

The flashes however were not on strike today. He saw himself as a human again only this time the flash was the worst ever. He could actually feel every bit of life flowing through such a human body and the sensation startled him. He tried to bark aloud in his dream in a futile effort to escape it but curiously enough the only thing that came out of his mouth were human screams. He then turned his head. He saw himself in a dark, damp and dirty alley; down towards the end of the alley he saw his dog self looking at him. He stayed petrified. His dog self was looking at his human self...How could that be, that both selves were present in the same dream? Oh lord that was weird. His dog self was barking at his human self. Why? He tried to bark back in an effort to talk with his dog self in the dream but no luck... His dream dog self did not seem to notice. So he tried looking around as a human. Then it was when he saw it... He looked down and he saw the body of a young woman lying over there covered in something that looked like... Blood... Where did this blood all come from...?

A half naked body of a young woman laid in front of him shot dead with blood all over. He looked at his shirt; his hands; his trousers...Blood everywhere... He put his hands down to touch the street and his right hand grabbed something that felt like a gun. He picked it up and there he saw the murder weapon a small revolver 6 shots loading. He looked at the woman, 4 shots; stomach, heart, shoulder, head. Two should be left still in the gun. He thought very fast to unload them both on himself. But something stopped him. It was a dog barking at the end of the alley. He could draw unwanted attention to him. The dog had to die. He walked towards the dog; the dog didn't move but was barking continuously... He reached closely and shot. The dog fell dead. For a moment he stayed there looking the dead dog. It was strange, he felt more sad for the dog than the body that laid back there. A beautiful young woman dead. Covered with blood. He'd already forgotten what she was to him, why he had killed her. But the dog, the dog had something extremely familiar. He turned the gun to himself and pulled the trigger. As his human body fell to the ground his soul realised he had just killed himself in another life.

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