Saturday, December 12, 2009


Everybody in life seeks for his successor

Societies are built on succession
Generations one after the other succeed each other hoping that the old will survive as part of the new but also that the new will go forth to create its own new

The path though does not always work as we hoped for or as we imagined

Sometimes the new is too new for the old
Sometimes the new is simply too arrogant
Sometimes the old is simply too afraid

The world keeps spinning though
The universe is immune, or most probably it does not give a damn

We are the only species on this planet that has the ability to pave its own path
As much as this brings with it pain and disruption
If we want to be true to ourselves we need to built a path full of spirit, heart and logic

The technique will show us the how
The heart will tell us the why
But only the spirit will light the way up front

Blessed are the meek in spirit
Because sometimes is better not to know
Sometimes it is better to find your way through the fog simply by groping around in the dark

But those who know
Those are the ones who have to be true to themselves
Those are the ones who carry with them the burden of humanity
Those are the ones who shall pave the paths we all walk on

To them we must all want to be alike
To the old we must all be turned into when our time comes to greet the new

The path to enlightenment is not the same for anyone

It is actually different for everyone

But we all start at the same point, as much as we finish at different parallel
Do not hope that the old will understand
Do not hope that they will be compassionate
Learn what you can and keep moving forth
As the old search for their successor so do the new search for their pundit

When the student is ready the teacher shall appear
When the teacher is ready the student will appear

If blood does not show its true face then something else will come along
And that is fine

We all seek our path through deep forests and heavy, icy fog
Through deep blue oceans and heavy storms
In the end of the day the only thing we have to pull us together is our common beginnings
Molecules of creation before we have even started
Let us walk our path

Free of the obligation

The master shall find the student
The student shall find the master

We keep walking
We keep walking
We keep ...

It is there where our steps will take us that we should have been all along
It is there where we are that our steps have taken us

And through the uncertainty
Through the clouds and the rain
Through the mist and the icy fog

If we look close enough we shall see the light that stands as a beacon

We shall feel the smell of the exquisite fruit
We shall hear the heavenly music
Drink the divine wine

What has given life eternal to the gods,
Now resides in our hands.

Work hard
Think freely
Imagine the unimaginable
And the world will follow

And if it doesn’t

Stay assured that in the end there is always someone who picks up the trail
Even if not the one initially planned



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Hfaistiwnas said...

Μεγάλη κουβέντα..
Για να φτάσεις στο τέλος, ή μάλλον εκεί που θες, χρειάζεται τόση προσπάθεια, που λίγοι είναι αυτοί που τα καταφέρνουν..
Μακάρι τα ταξίδια μας να είχαν τον προορισμό που θα θέλαμε..