Friday, March 26, 2010

Come with me in vain

Come with me in vain
Although the reflection
Of the moon
Upon a midday’s sun
Upon the green meadows
And the wild pine forests
Upon the brown roofs
And through the milky clouds
Upon the elk’s horn
If only for a moment
In this fleeting journey
Come with me in vain


Hfaistiwnas said...

in vein τι σημαίνει;

Covenant said...

Nai pali kala pou me rwtises... Typografiko... To diorthwsa to swsto einai in vain... kai simainei ousiastika "mataia"

Hfaistiwnas said...

αααα οκ !
Τώρα βγαίνει το νόημα.. και πολύ καλό μάλιστα.. λίγο απαισιόδοξο..