Monday, May 30, 2011

Tu Es Petrus

Σε ένα νησί
Με βροχερό νερό
Ο ποιμένας διδάσκει τους μαθητές του

Η μνήμη μαρτυράται στα χρώματα

Δίπλα, ένας φοίνικας πλαστικός
Από κάτω όμως
Σκιά ηλεκτρονικών διόδων
Ο Μπάαλ μαζεύει τους πιστούς του

Στη σκιά του Ποιμένα
Τα νεανικά κορμιά
Εν μέσω χορευτικών λιτανειών
Και πολύχρωμων μανδυών
Νεκρά σύννεφα
Γκρίζα πτώματα
Λευκό της σκιάς
Και καφέ της μιζέριας
Τι καμβά ζωγραφίσαμε κι απόψε
Τα έντερα μου ανάκατα και το στομάχι μου πατσάς

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love Aeterna

Love born under the black sun
Out of bad blood
The destiny of eternal lovers
to die by the sword

Nameless, faceless you hero
To you we pray
To bring upon
The One
The untainted
Withstanding the agony of time
bearing the burden of steel

Fighting through you
we herald the one
By you
our hope survives

Oh! Eternal Hero
Sing to us
The birth of death
Sing to us
The death of birth

Love out of agony
Primordial emotion
Sign of the darkness
Speak through the tears of desperate souls
For your brothers
Turn the myth into legend
Legend recall
Repent to the dungeons of hell

While you pierce my chest
I choke you to death

I thrust my self on your spear
For that is the death I desire

Your spear penetrates my flesh
I eat you
I eat raw your flesh
Your flesh raw I eat

No trace of humanity left
I have eaten your heart
You have crushed mine

(Only) Death shall tears us apart

Weakling human
Human weakness

Dance this dance
Around and Around
Until your steps symbolise
The magic, the eternal circle...


In forms
Black and blue and red and violet
What does it matter?
Nobody is white...

Something once lost
Now has been found
Between us
That which connects

Maybe when I die
I’ll come in terms
with my body

Until then,
I am contend
To be observing
That which happens
That which doesn’t
Somewhere, inbetween the truth...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A table
A body lays there
A flagpole

You look up
What have we done here
you wonder

Shades of blue
Shades of red
Shades of violet

I am still battling
the big questions of life
loneliness, love, learn, grow

Hoes does a cheese mature?
How indeed ?

If I was a pilot
If I was a gardener

Where does it lead?


Sex in the eyes
Sex in the lines
Sex between the lines
On top
On four

When a woman kneels and gives you a blowjob is she in submissive or dominant position?
The hands of a woman caressing a man’s body

A strong embrace

Hand on hand

You and me

You wear white
I wear black

You sit on the cliff’s edge
I sit and wander

Below us the green sunlit valley
Above us the clouds
running by
always changing

A note is pulled out
You feel serenity
I feel melancholy

My heart jumped
You and me different
sides of the same coin

Friday, May 27, 2011

Amedeo Modiglianni

I denounce
where the sight
erects the body
votive stele

Your morning
beside me
for without
your breath
I am poor...


Σε τούτο
το φευγαλέο