Sunday, April 29, 2012

The path of the Sun

As the rain falls hard upon your roof,
I dream of a beach,
With golden sands,
You waking upon them,
Ethereal being.

I can see the sun shinning from within You,
I can feel the vibration, your body,
The music you choose.

The path of creation,
Strong within you.
This wretched world.
For others lost in translation,
For you what you will It,
As long as you actually do…

                                See not the blurry mirages 
                                Surrounding ships in a foggy sea 
                                Feel the world in its root 
                                Face the truth of Pain 

                                Pain is not life, 
                                Love is. 
                                Inside our flesh, 
                                Life is pain, 
                                Besieged castle, 
                                By Others. 

                                Behind your photos lies reality. 
                                The man without bread, 
                                 His tears water, 
                                 Quenching his thirst. 

                                 Absent beings 
                                 This life of ours, 

                                 Through this, 
                                 We must shine our light… 

Your name inbetween,
Your light.
Favor grants
Power of Love and Life.

Fear not for the darkness
What exists also ceases
What dies is also reborn
Eternal life-circle…

Listen to the wind
Follow the rain that chokes your spirit
Feel the light calling you
Somewhere behind the veil
You know your path

The meal is cooked
If you realise
The fire is burning

And beyond the snow
Beyond the white veil of ash
As time sits upon time
Our souls existed once
And still remain so
Even in the absence of our bodies.

There is always a shelter
Far from the common
Away from the safety of the womb
A shelter humane
A shelter of belief
For a warm hug and a hot cup of cocoa.

Smell the aroma of the flowers
The aroma of the soaked soil
It is the sweat of our labour
The principle of our existence
Through toil we shall find light.
Through darkness lies the clear path.
And you need not walk upon it alone…

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Σαν σε Πίνακα

Το κορμί σου, ένα, με σύννεφα λευκά σατέν
Ραίνουν, οι καμπύλες σου τον αφρό
Θείο νέκταρ ο ιδρώτας σου
Το φιλί σου Αμβροσία.

Στο φτερωτό σου άγγιγμα
Κρύβετ’ ο Έρωτας κι
η ψυχή σ’ ένα σου βλέμμα.

Το όστρακο ανοίγει
το μαργαριτάρι να φάνει,
κι ο παιχνιδιάρης Έρωτας
βιάζεται να στο κλέψει.

Τι θέα και τούτη μυσταγωγική
στο αχνοφέγγισμα του φεγγαριού
να ανατέλλει η μορφή σου.

Φως μέσα στη νύχτα μου
μονοπάτι σάρκινο της θέωσής μου
πως ν’ αποδώσω τούτο το μυστικό τοπίο;

Να σ’ αγκαλιάσω με καημό
Για να σε νοιώσω μέσα μου

Ο κόσμος στο ρυθμό της ανάσας σου

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Doctoral Conference

Night last
It is
What we are.

Under Stars of years

Adventurers of Truth…

Ailing society
Inviting questioning
The Path has been lost?
Under the moonlight
We look for the Sun.

What has been recorded,
A constellation
Interconnecting paths
The World’s interdependence…

Our efforts,
Future’s hope.
The promise:
A Day where the sun,
Differently shines.

Our obligation,
The blood unborn,
Our path,
Of creation…

Remaining true,
To the end.
Of enlightenment,
That is…

Through collaboration,
May the Journey
Be realized…

Towards Ithaca,
Let us sail hand in hand,
Proving those ahead,
Of us,
We just,

Someone once told me,
I have a dream.