Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Young Academic in His First Conference

My first
600 plus
How many holly
Young walking among
the old
Young walking among
the older.

So many
converging at one point
for a time in space
our discipline like a
Birth is the act of

Round the table
We commune
Divine intervention
Academic invention
Knowledge of the ineffable.

The bonds form
Were formed
Will form
It is here that we built
Tower of Babel…
But also compassion,

Presidents come and go
Burdens of a dinner
Anxiously eaten
But in the end
The smile
The talk that was

For that, I am present
For that, I am here
For what remains
Beyond snow,
Stone and fire…

Let us in this journey
Join hands,
Let us contemplate upon
How I become you
And you me
And together that
Which is known.

Discovery, dissemination,
All for a dream
Worth a penny…
That of a world...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Poem for All Occasions

Under these dim, fanciful lights
hovering, influenced of music,
senses alighting,
my gaze rested upon your (ENTER COLOUR OF EYES) eyes.

Serenity I reckon,
my soul captivated
so my body to the
rhythm of our primordial dance.

Come, take my hand and let
us swirl the endless streams.
Our rivers crossed,
our paths to intersect.

Dance with me,
this night of wonders.
Dance like it’s the last thing
                                              we do.
As our bodies collide,
our consciousness will touch
upon the kiss of desire.

If by night’s end
I have not myself
worthen proven,
then you, Milady,
may deny me of
a future dreamed.

But when my
might and bright
have your senses
woooed, Grant
Oh Beauty
the kiss of a Prince.

And when
this night
touches allure,
then I shall
meet you
again, under
the blossomed
cherry trees.

In the garden of our union.