Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coping with Rejection

Don't take it personally
The doctor said
It is your weight son
My mother said
You know you need to conform to the norm
My friends said
Your target market is naturally limited
My best friend said
Then again I say these are not!

I am not sad
Or hurt
The day that
Is always
A bit heavy
On my left side...

I asked him once
What am I doing wrong
"You 're chasing a dream and I respect you for that"
If the whole world spins to a particular tune
Why would you want to whistle another?
Truth is more important than life
And truth is always painful and ill-suited...

There is a simple path in life
Paved with corpses
You can choose
An eagle
A fishing spider
A mosquito
A mole
A vulture
A komodo dragon
Or your own corpse…

But when you choose
Make sure you can stand
And opposing whirlwinds...

You can be either a lost island
Or a lost ship
This little matters
Since essentially the journey is the same...
Who shall step on my lonely sandy shores next?
To which harbour will I find you at the docks waving your neckerchief?

Today I laboured
Burying yourself under tasks for execution is always...
And when I went back home
I put my feet up a chair
Draw a long full puff of my vanilla – cherry pipe
Exhale and close me eyes

And as i close my eyes
And dream
My pain loosens
Your figure as I remember lucidly
in its world
That of ideas…
There my soul finds consolation
There the noise stops
There again I will find you
To fall in love with you
All over…

Friday, November 16, 2012


Στα κουρασμένα σου επάνω χέρια
Απλώσαμε της μέρας μας το γάλα
Στο ιδρωμένο σου επάνω άγγιγμα
Συμπυκνώθηκε Κέρας της Αμάλθειας…

Thursday, November 15, 2012

And as the universe goes
Round and round
So do our minds
And our bodies
And our wretched ways
So do our loves
And our times
And our spaces
So do our voices
And our stories
And our looks
So do our friendships
And our comings
And our goings
So do our somethings
And our nothings
And our maybes

So do we
As totalities
And continuities
And round as it goes
We bring along
All the debris
And all the smiles
And as you can see
Nothing remains carved
In flux aeterna
We shall exist!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scenes of a club IV – Insomnia

I see you
The great Observer
Lost in a kiss
Without tomorrow
I am
Self appointed guardian
Someone needs to pay attention
I observe
But never interfere…

Have you ever been touched?
No, really
Has anyone ever reached in your soul?
Grabbed a piece of it
Has anyone ever really kissed you?

I exist
In photos
Of others
New reality
Non reality
Mediated technology

The music
The rhythm
The sound that turns the brain
Mashed potatoes
Throbbing bodies
Pulsating lights

Some people just can’t take a hint
Others are just late
Some people are just like octopuses
They need space to stretch
Others ache to be touched
And yet they remain poor
How out of nothingness to create life?
Human connection
I have nothing to say
I feel nothing to say
Yet I have so much
Yet the excitement rises
Stay calm…

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tolstoy’s Heroine

Almost red
            Your thin, delicate hair dyed fiery
Nod of a head
            And your long, eerie fingers of a spirit
Night of today
            You sat besides me and smiled
A smile more
            Just one more smile

Another glimpse, of a chance
No bars to see you
No hurdle
Another glimpse of your smile.