Monday, May 27, 2013

For what love seeks
To be born
Has yet to be defined
Humanity’s valiant efforts have failed
Our words have abandoned us
Our practices an incoherent jungle mess
Our science a mess of specialisation

For what lies in a glance
Is not discussed
Nor may it be expressed
Whispered and fumbled
Drunken haze
Dissipates like liquor in the sun
Dried up
All that remains
A dead body
Shadow of something that never was

And still you remain
Unable to grasp
Incapable to exist
You hope
That once
You might
The essence
Before it dries...


Hfaistiwnas said...

ααα πεσιμισμός..

Covenant said...

Που και που αντιφεγγίζει κι αυτός...