Saturday, March 29, 2014

Belle et Jérôme

Raining fog
misty rain
drops hanging
one desperate breath
before goodbye
I keep fists
not to act
not to insult
not to aggress
a sensation through the spine
the end
another night
to seek
one more
a phantasmal chance
a mirror
a ghost?
a phantasy?
an idea?
a gentle breeze
a playful butterfly
fluttering nymph
dark-haired angel
a gentle stroke
of my chords
a poor fiddle
I am
dancing your tunes

this hug is going to last forever
so… is this night.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Early Saturday Morning

It is early, a Saturday morning
still the sun has not come out yet
the birds are chirping
and I am voraciously smoking.
The humidity in the air embraces me -
such a mild temperature -
I smoke and I already miss you...
I miss your thighs against mine
your breasts on mine
your sweet sweat dripping...

I remember you in my bed
your fingers tracing my lips
but you were never here...
I already miss you
your long black hair
soft and welcoming, my fingers
interlocking, brushing through
your smile how it lights
how it makes my head feel

I miss you and I want to
lay by your side...
Rest my head upon your
breasts mother earth
Lily of Lilies
how I miss you...

Come lay by me
allow my hands to embrace you
Allow my darkness
to kiss you
allow my weakness
to be saved by you
allow me...

I already miss you
and I want to hide
between your thighs
I miss you
and I
I already...

The foggy skies
cover my darkened mood
and this music
keeps going around
slow strokes of a piano
echoing in the desert.
I miss you...
Oh how I miss you...

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Untouched II

'Ought to' lives in my dreams
were I strong enough is would not
veer off to phantasy.

Yet unable as I am
I see is and despair as no
'ought to' was ever given to
a coward's touch.

And you are
no 'ought to' is needed
to make thy touch sweet
thy smile a fairies touch
thy look sandman's dust.

You are and I cannot
be but only drown
my self-pity among
hedonic platitudes
dream erringly unnerved
of what I 'ought to'
to be with you
as is.