Saturday, March 15, 2014

Early Saturday Morning

It is early, a Saturday morning
still the sun has not come out yet
the birds are chirping
and I am voraciously smoking.
The humidity in the air embraces me -
such a mild temperature -
I smoke and I already miss you...
I miss your thighs against mine
your breasts on mine
your sweet sweat dripping...

I remember you in my bed
your fingers tracing my lips
but you were never here...
I already miss you
your long black hair
soft and welcoming, my fingers
interlocking, brushing through
your smile how it lights
how it makes my head feel

I miss you and I want to
lay by your side...
Rest my head upon your
breasts mother earth
Lily of Lilies
how I miss you...

Come lay by me
allow my hands to embrace you
Allow my darkness
to kiss you
allow my weakness
to be saved by you
allow me...

I already miss you
and I want to hide
between your thighs
I miss you
and I
I already...

The foggy skies
cover my darkened mood
and this music
keeps going around
slow strokes of a piano
echoing in the desert.
I miss you...
Oh how I miss you...


Hfaistiwnas said...

Όταν λείπει, με τι να αντικατασταθεί; Με τίποτα δυστυχώς..
Τι κάνεις;

Covenant said...

Σωστά τα λες Ηφαιστίωνα! Καλησπέρα!
Πνίγομαι στη δουλειά και δεν γράφω οσο θα θελα!! Αλλα τελειωνω το διδακτορικο τωρα οποτε το παραπονο θα περασει...

Hfaistiwnas said...

Θα περάσει το παράπονο ναι, να σου μένει και λίγος χρόνος να γράφεις! :)

Covenant said...

Hfaistiwna argisa na apantisw alla eixa tromeri douleia!

Dikio exeis! Tha teleiwsei kai to didaktoriko kai tha meinei kai xronos...! Kalispera!