Friday, October 10, 2014

It’s the Union, Jack

I told you the colour is red
but then again…
You keep wondering
You keep asking
Definitions, Descriptions, Potent Words

The writer has an obligation.
Become God the eternal observer.
Observe, record, but never interfere
the old adage…

I see
I record
I interpret
I write
Therefore, I interfere

So what is it then? I feel warm…
Just by looking at you.
I feel I can feel

I feel the definition
I feel the description
I feel the potent word
It is a mystery.

Because it is defined
When you hug me from behind,
even though I'm wearing yellow.

The kiss
slowly lowering
the head
to approach
you close your eyes
I close mine
And dive fast
like the first time
like the last time.
I missed you on my train ride
home, where you are.
I missed you.

In the embrace
the writer hides his sorrow
In the writing
Embraced and Embracer
are immortalised…

The writer turns and sees
the tattooed woman
exudes a singing precipitation
And then the couple…
hand in elbow
hand in elbow
bump and laugh
The couple.
Eyes reflecting, mirroring eyes
faces bright.

It’s the Union, Jack…

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Hfaistiwnas said...

Δεν το πολυκατάλαβα είναι η αλήθεια, μάλλον επειδή δεν έχω ξυπνήσει ακόμη καλά..